Associates Co., Ltd. realize High Demensions of Energy Cost Reduction and Reserving Safty Water, with High Technological Skills of GroundWater Usage and SeaWater Desalination.



Comprehensive Proposals to Water Usage and Energy Cost Reduction, by Groundwater Usage and Seawater Desalination.

Groundwater Usage Business

Reduction of Waterworks Rate by Groundwater Usage

Every time Paid Water Expenses, included Waterworks Rate and Sewerage charge, But Digging Well and Filtered Well Water in Customer's Facilities, Enable to Meet the Standards and Optimizing for Drinking Water.

Customer General Hospital (possessing 500 beds) Actualized Cost Reduction "20 million yen per year", introduced Reverse Osmosis Membrane Device System for Well Water to Reduction of Waterworks Rate.
Promising to Reduction Air Conditioning System's Electric and Fuel Cost, by the Characteristics of Well Water that Summer Cool and Winter Warm.
The Customer also constructed for The Member of Welfare Enhanced to Prepare for Disaster.

Seawater Desalination Business

Enable 60% Reduction of Power Consumption

Stabilized continue to Innovate and Operate Seawater Desalination Technology Making effective use that the Seawater Resources Changing to a large amount of fresh water, And Contribution for Water Shortage in the World Level Concerned Matter.

Groundwater Usage System has been often used Innovation for Water Usage Cost Reduction in Japan, Abundant Water Resources.
However in Overseas, There are many Countries that is a Lacking of Water Resources.
For example In Saipan, Insufficient Water Retention Capacity in spite of Rainfalls, and Difficult to Ensure Groundwater, Constructing Seawater Desalination Plant System for supply Freshwater to Hotels, Factories, and so on.

Energy Conservation Business

Cost reduction by the general suggestion

Possible to Comprehensive Proposals for Energy Cost Reduction, Relating Water Usage Business.
Promising Various Synergistic Effect.

Actualized Cost Reduction "50 million yen per year" and Comprehensive Energy Cost Reduction in Commercial Complex.
As Constructed Inverter System that changes automatically the frequency of Air conditioning pumps by Sensors, Exchanged LED Lightings on Shared Spaces and Backyards.
At Same Time, Reduction of Waterworks Rate by Constructed Groundwater Usage Plant.


Reduction 60% Power Consumption


GroundWater Usage

By paying waterworks rate as water supply

SeaWater Desalination

Reduction 60% Power Consumption

Energy Conservation

Cost reduction by the general suggestion


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